EBS Inkjet Printers

The next generation of ink-jet

Since introducing the 6000 series of continuous inkjet to Canada in 2002, RESOLUTION has steadily built a growing base of satisfied EBS customers. As EBS develops their products RESOLUTION develops their market share with innovative, high quality, efficient inkjet printers for nearly every application. Backed by full warranties and RESOLUTION’S incredible service, let us put an EBS printer to work for you.

Depend on The EBS Group

The call for handheld inkjet printers was answered by EBS Inkjet Systems of Germany in 2005 with the release of the truly innovative EBS Handjet 250 portable DOD (Drop On Demand) industrial inkjet printer. Building on the success of the Handjet 250, EBS designed the larger Handjet 260 with the feedback of customers and distributors. Alphanumeric large character drop on demand printing as well as images, bar codes, automatic date and time stamps and incremental counts can be obtained in heights ranging from 11mm to 56mm.

EBS Ink-Jet Systems has been providing leading-edge solutions for contact-free coding since 1977. EBS engineers, develops, and produces its own systems.

Today, the EBS Group consists of four primary companies, located in: Nuembrecht, Germany; Libertyville, IL USA; Wroclaw, Poland; and Shenzhen, China; In addition, we maintain several sub-ventures and dozens of cooperative partnerships. More than 160 employees are at your service!

The EBS Group sales network includes more than 120 distributors, dealers and OEM’s in over 60 countries. All share common goals:

  • High-quality products
  • Superior workmanship
  • Outstanding service
  • Fair pricing
  • Satisfied customers