We’re Fully Accredited Distributors of EBS, Reiner, Foenix and Zenjet Printers in Canada, Providing 24/7 Customer Support

Your production facility needs reliable, high quality industrial printing equipment to meet various government and industry-specific regulations and your own quality control and traceability guidelines. There are many equipment options on the market today but when equipment gets damaged or breaks down, production downtime must be minimized. That's where Resolution Inplant Services comes in to help get you back online and operating at full capacity as quickly as possible.

Industrial & Handheld Printers, Parts & Repairs

EBS Industrial Batch Inkjet Printers

Supplier of EBS Industrial Inkjet Printer

Our leading-edge code and bath printing solutions for complete contact-free coding.

Reiner Handheld Printers

Supplier of Reiner Handheld Printers

Handheld inkjet printers that can print on virtually every surface.

Foenix Coders

Supplier of Foenix Coders & Markers

High resolution industrial Inkjet printers for reliable and consistent coding.

Zenjet Coding

Supplier of Thermal Zenjet Coding Printers

Industrial inkjet printers and inks for printing on porous and non-porous substrates.

Maintenance and Repairs

Printer Maintenance & Repairs

24 hour quality printer maintenance and repairs from our service team.

Parts and Consumables

Printer Parts & Consumables

Parts and consumable for iimak inkjet inks - solvents, make-ups and washes

Thermal Transfer Ribbon (TTR)

Thermal Transfer Ribbon (TTR)

A full lineup of thermal Transfer Ribbons for Armor IImak printers.

Reconditioned & Refurbashed EBS Printers

Reconditioned & Refurbashed EBS Printers

We recondition/refurbish industrial and EBS, Zenjet, and Reiner hand held printers

Why Choose Resolution Inplant Services

We’re an owner-operated company, highly specialized in installing and servicing industrial inkjet printers and equipment. Inkjet printing is all we do.

And why Inkjet? With new Federal regulations from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), every food product and beverage on the market must be traceable back to the beginning of the supply chain. Inkjet is still the best way to apply date, batch and lot codes to these products which is the key to traceability and customer satisfaction.

Response Time

We offer true 24/7 live response and same day or next day service to fix your problem. Nobody can compete with us on that.

Owner Operated

The owners install and service your industrial inkjet printers and equipment. We have a vested interest to keep your printers working.

Full Inventory

We carry a full line of inventory of parts and consumables. We know our clients and their needs, and carry stock to serve them.


Our experience goes above and beyond. We are highly specialized and have been in this industrial inkjet printing industry for 60+ years.

How To Get Started

Our process is the streamlined result of 60+ years of experience in the installing and servicing of industrial inkjet printers.


Phone Call

In a phone call we, together, assess if the industrial inkjet printer is suitable for your needs.


Site Visit

We do a site visit and do a live demonstration to make sure we are offering the right printers for your application.



We install and configure the industrial inkjet printer and provide full training to your team.


Reliable Production

Our 24/7 service and full inventory of parts and consumables ensures that we can keep your production lines running.

Contact Us to Get Started