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RESOLUTION is the Canadian distributor for iimak inkjet inks, solvents, make-ups and washes. Most products are fully miscible, meaning that they do not require a system flush of your existing OEM fluids before introducing the new fluids.

Please contact us with your current part numbers for pricing and availability. Let us show you how we can save you up to 30% on your consumables costs.


RESOLUTION warrants that iimak fluids will meet or exceed the OEM specifications for your fluids. If RESOLUTION agrees that our fluids have caused a decrease in performance we will return your equipment to its original condition without charge AND you will not be charged for those fluids.

We also carry iimak’s full line of Thermal Transfer Ribbons.

As a fully accredited and factory trained EBS Inkjet Distributor, we carry a full complement of factory EBS Inkjet Inks and Solvents for our ever-increasing customer base.

Since we do all our own service and repairs either in plant or at our facility, we carry a comprehensive inventory of EBS Inkjet-approved spare parts and repair parts to keep any possible downtime to a minimum.

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On Monday, October 4, 2021, the ARMOR Group announced the acquisition of IIMAK (International Imaging Materials, Inc.). The combined Thermal Transfer activity will be called ARMOR-IIMAK with consolidated revenues of more than $400 million, firmly establishing it as the global market leader in the design and production of thermal transfer ribbons for the printing of variable traceability data on labels and flexible packaging.

Hubert de Boisredon, Chairman and CEO of the ARMOR Group: "Convinced of its strategic importance, I have actively pursued this merger and am especially proud today to be able to announce this acquisition. Our main objective will be to unify our strengths in order to benefit our customers, partners, and employees."With a history for both companies dating back to the 1980s through a shared license from the Japanese company Fujicopian until 1998, ARMOR has enjoyed strong growth in Europe, with IIMAK similarly benefiting in the US. ARMOR-IIMAK now has 1,650 employees producing over 2.5bn m² of thermal transfer ribbon. Christian Lefort, who only recently joined the ARMOR Group, will be leading the entity.Doug Wagner: "I am pleased we were able to make this historic merger a reality. The combination of our two companies results in a strong global organization which will create new value for our customers and new opportunities for our employees. We are excited to be part of this new journey as ARMOR-IIMAK”.It should also be stressed that the two complementary companies are joining forces with multiple objectives, including:

  • Strengthening their presence in North and South America;
  • Offering customers the most comprehensive product portfolio on the market;
  • Leveraging joint technological development to enhance existing products and rapidly develop new ones; and
  • Reducing their carbon footprint through optimized logistics.

Through this merger, the new entity will enjoy global industrial coverage via three coating sites, one in each of its regions (Americas, Asia, and Europe), and nearly twenty slitting sites.


Absolutely. iimak tests all their fluid types in each printer it is intended for. The inks, make-ups, solvents and washes are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. We guarantee it!