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RESOLUTION INPLANT SERVICES was formed by three long-time colleagues, Scott Chomos, Chris Nemeth, and Dan Ransom in the spring of 1998. Our mission? Build a service group specializing in inkjet products for the manufacturing and packaging industries. And that’s just what we did!

In our first year of business RESOLUTION became the exclusive Canadian distributor for MN JET PRINTER SERVICES Inc., providing a complete and comprehensive supply of parts and repairs for Domino inkjet printers.

"RESOLUTION... the quality of not allowing difficulties or obstacles to affect one’s purpose." RESOLUTION INPLANT SERVICES certainly lives up to its name.

A year later RESOLUTION became an accredited Canadian distributor for EBS INKJET GmbH. In 2008, EBS opened an office in Libertyville Illinois and EBS USA was born. Using our service experience, combined with the extremely high quality and reliability of the EBS Inkjet printers, RESOLUTION is in the position to make EBS the name in modern inkjet printers.

As all inkjet customers know, fluids are the lifeblood of all inkjet printers. In 2016 RESOLUTION became the Canadian distributor for iimak inks, make-ups and washes. Through iimak, RESOLUTION offers the best aftermarket fluids for most Domino, Videojet, Willett, Imaje and Lynx inkjet printers.

In 2004 Mr. Ransom retired and the company continues to grow through the management of Mr. Chomos and Mr. Nemeth

Christopher Nemeth

Christopher Nemeth


Born in Hamilton, Ontario and raised in nearby Burlington, I now live in a quiet town in Norfolk County.

My career in the Inkjet Industry began in 1990 after graduating from Hamilton’s Mohawk College in 1989.

Working in this busy fledgling industry as a Service Technician during the 1990’s taught me a lot about Service, Customer Service, and the interaction of Customer-and-Vendor. It was with these skills and experiences that I partnered with Scott Chomos to create Resolution Inplant Services Inc in 1998. Twenty-two years later, these skills have translated into a growing customer base of long lasting, loyal customer relationships.

I often say that after over 30 years in the industry there isn’t an inkjet application that I haven’t experienced, yet something new always shows itself. This is what keeps me enthused about this business and I look forward to learning about how we can help your business.

Scott Chomos


Born and raised in Tillsonburg, a small farming community in southwestern Ontario, I spent many a summer working in the tobacco fields. Farm work is honest and unrelenting, but is a rewarding experience.

I moved to Burlington in 1987 and enrolled at Mohawk College, studying electronics technology.

My inkjet career started in 1994 working for Canadian Inkjet Systems, now Domino Canada, as a Service Technician.

After four years on the road, I built a lot of personal and professional relationships with customers. Having earned their trust and confidence, I began to see their frustrations dealing with a large corporation. A Service Technician has all the responsibility of getting production lines up and running - no inkjet, no production. Unfortunately, I had no authority to address many of their questions and concerns. On-site issues with pricing, delivery and performance guarantees were left unfulfilled.

I knew there had to be a better way. This was the genesis of RESOLUTION, now 22 years and counting as we continue to provide the best customer service in the industry.

Scott Chomos

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