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Specializing in Inkjet Products for the Manufacturing & Packaging Industries
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EBS Products

      EBS 260 Handjet
      EBS 230 Industrial Inkjet
      EBS 250 HandJet
      EBS 6500 Industrial Inkjet

EBS Industrial Inkjet 230
Single-line coding on packaging has never been so easy!

The ink-jet printer EBS-230 of the 'PicAS'-series sets a new benchmark in regard to configuration and cost-effectiveness of basic DOD systems.
Easy handling, robust design, user-friendly interface and unbeatable efficiency are only some of the outstanding features of type EBS-230.
Through a process of consistent development of the established line printer 'PicAS' EBS-200 we created a totally splash water protected system (rated IP54) which is also independent from compressed air.
The ability to use Ethanol-based inks provides a universal solution for various marking applications, no matter if the surface is made of cardboard, plastics, metal, glass or ceramics.

Download a brochure and contact our sales department for a free, no obligation on-site trial. Let us show you how a quality inkjet printer can perform for you today!


  • High-quality printouts
  • Minimal investment costs and low follow-up costs
  • Operating costs can be reduced up to 55% compared to the competition by the use of 1 litre supply bottles and an economic 150μ nozzle plate
  • Ultra-compact and flexible design
  • IP54 protection class as standard
  • Internal compressor, no need for external compressed air supply
  • Supply bottles will be entirely consumed contrary to scrap ink when using pressurized cartridges
  • Convenient operation by a Windows® PC or by the optional touch-screen terminal 'T200' (320 x 240 pixel)
  • Editing of variable registers: Up-counter, Down- counter, time, date, shelf life
  • Optional terminal 'T200' with integrated bitmap editor for creating individual logos, setting parameters and message management




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